Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paint It Black Addendum

So, it came to my attention, looking at a calendar, that there's an extra week of Paint It Black month that I failed to take into account. 

See, here's the deal.  We haven't updated on Sundays for a long time.  We officially do, but it's a legal fiction, more or less.  We update on Fridays or Saturdays these days, since we figure we want people to have the time to listen over the weekend.  Sunday is sort of the absolute last minute we post anything, if schedules went horribly awry, and we haven't had anything come out later than Saturday since March. 

Yet, for scheduling, I still say it's Sunday, to give us that wiggle room.  But that means that in terms of our REAL schedule, there's one more Friday and Saturday in June that has to be filled, and it might as well be for the theme month. 

too long, didn't read version: I goofed on basic calendar reading skills.  

So, Paint It Black Month will now end on Black Lagoon, requested by Runixzan. (

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