Monday, March 12, 2012

Heroman Review

With apologies for the delay, here's our review of Heroman.

As a birthday present to himself, Bobcat selected the topic of this review, Heroman. Why? Because it was created by one of Bobcat's personal heroes, Stan Lee! Is this the anime Spider-Man, the anime Nightcat or, God help us, the anime Striperella? Watch to find out!

Five Point Podcast Episode 11: Heroman by fivepointpodcast


  1. As a guy lives in California, I can honestly say that at the moment sun roofs aren't a big thing. That said, I wouldn't find it all that outlandish in the near future. Also, Stan Lee loves making cameos everywhere, I'm not at all surprised he's there. As for lightning doing what it did... it's a common plot element in kid shows, just go with it.

    1. Ah, okay. I'm from Washington, where the sun is shy and doesn't like to show itself, so I assumed that it was a thing from sunnier climates.

      And yeah, if Stan Lee's involved, I'd have been surprised if he WASN'T in there. It was a great moment, and I hope that it gets dubbed soon so we can hear him voice Stan.

      The lightning thing was interesting. I just have a feeling it'll get a fuller explanation later, though I won't be able to say until I watch more of the show.

      And thanks for the comments!

  2. Personally I would have sang "Heroman...he flies like a moron...!"