Monday, April 30, 2012

Poll Results- YouTube Videos

A few weeks back, we posted a poll. You see, initially, a lot of the traffic we got here was through our YouTube page. The way we'd try to attract viewers was via silly little 30 second commercials. However, for whatever reason (I suspect my friend Hika's viewers aren't interested in our videos anymore, and she's nice enough to give them a "Like" every time), traffic from them is way down. With such a small number of views, we decided to ask if people still enjoyed them and if they were worth the time and effort. The results: out of 16 votes, we got the following responses.

8: Yes. They're amusing.

5: No. Quit while you're ahead.

3: I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

Since the yays outweigh the nays, we'll keep making them. Thanks to everyone who voted.

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