Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mobile Suit Gundam Review

Mecha Month continues full steam ahead! We're hot blooded and raring for action! We believe in ourselves, who believe in ourselves! This meme doesn't work for more than one person!


 Four score and eight years after humanity has gone to the stars! A ragtag crew of Earthlings must fight off a group of colonists gone rogue. Their only hope is a young boy named Amero and his giant robot, the prototype Gundam. How did we treat this venerable series that launched quite possibly the greatest anime franchise ever? As well as we treat anything.


We are so so very sorry.


  1. I agree, watching gundam now is like an archaeology dig. His dad comes back, btw, i think your false impression was caused by the massive amount of animation reuse in the first few episodes.

    The one false positive you made was that the bad guys were not bad per se and it took more of a "the wire" approach that just showed people doing their jobs. They do take that approach for most of the series but then throw it away about 5 episodes before the end when they show the zeon leadership talking about how hitler was a great guy. They really went "oh shit, we forgot to make them bad".

  2. Thanks for the corrections. I'll be the first to say that these are intentionally preliminary opinions.

    And... that's really disappointing about them making the villains villainous towards the end. Sorta undercuts the obvious "war sucks" message when you make the bad guys obviously bad.