Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Least Popular Reviews

As I go over the blip.tv statistics, I realize that (gasp) people are more interested in some series than they are in others.  This saddens me, since some of the more neglected reviews are also some of my favorites.  So, in an attempt to convince you (the listeners at home) to give these reviews a second shot, here are the five reviews that were the least listened to (taking into account how long they've been up on the site), in order from most to least:

1. Origin: Spirits of the Past
2. Heroman
3. Getter Robo
4. Time of Eve
5. Asura Cryin'

This leads me to ask why some of these are overlooked.  We've attempted to do a mix of the obscure and the popular, and it seems like popular series are the most listened to.  Why is there less demand for obscure titles?  I would personally expect there to be more demand for the obscure, since that's where a review would be really helpful in guiding you towards something you've never heard of before.  We'd be interested in what everyone out there had to say on the topic.

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