Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bobcat's Recommended Reviews

I've recently gone back and listened to a few of the old podcasts and I realized something: we are really self referential.  That is to say, we have in jokes and we compare characters to characters in other works we've reviewed without a lot of explanations.  This is a bit daunting for new viewers, I realize.  So, in the interest of helping new visitors out, here's my list of reviews that we refer to the most.  If you listen to no other old podcast episodes, these five ought to help you make sense of new ones.

Baka and Test First review, first use of the character description "Pink Haired Girl."
Tales From Earthsea Our first movie, and one we often refer back to when it comes to nonsensical plot twists.
Origin: Spirits of the Past Our second movie, which we refer to when it comes to dumb protagonists and villains who are the real heroess.
Misfits Our April Fools episode, which made Super Rape a power.  Possibly the worst thing we've reviewed yet.
Mobile Suit Gundam We like to make fun of the main character, Amuro, by saying his name strangely.

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