Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baka and Test Review

WARNING: THIS REVIEW ISN'T AS POLISHED AS OUR LATER REVIEWS.  We've become much more sophisticated since then... for instance, I don't keep hitting the desk with my knee, making that weird mic sound every 10 seconds.  

In the last post, I said it might be a few weeks before we came out with the first episode of the Blog.  Well, Christmas came early this year, because the first episode is now posted and ready to go!

In the inaugural episode of our series, Bobcat and Burkion review the anime Baka and Test!  This is the tale of Yoshi, a young Japanese student at a school that's turned tests into a competitive video game!  Does it pass with flying colors, or does it need to see us after school?  You'd better take notes, there will be a short quiz afterwards!

EDIT: I'm aware of the strange repeated last word. I'm not sure where it came from in the video file; it wasn't there in any of the audio versions. I'll be more careful in the future.

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