Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nanaka 6/17 Review

This time, Bobcat and Burkion review a cute anime based on a teenager who thinks she's six years old thanks to horrific brain damage. Does the concept work, or will you want to bludgeon yourself back to the first grade to forget it?

And a special thanks to Hika Yagami for giving us our first audience suggested review!

Five Point Podcast Episode 2: Nanaka 6/17 by fivepointpodcast Here are all of the places (that we found) where you can view it for free:

(This is the website of the current license holder, but you're still watching it through Hulu). The option of last resort; it's buggy, it likes to clip off the last minute of the episode and they put episode 9 at the end of the series inexplicably.

If you decide to buy it, please go through one of our ads; that way, we get a percentage of the sale, and it doesn't increase the price at all.

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