Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Proposed Schedule

Hello, Bobcat here. I hope everyone's having a good holiday season.

It occurs to me that in the excitement of starting the blog and getting the various accounts set up, I've neglected to mention what our plans for the future are. While our original plan had been to review more than anime, the mix of what we've selected and what friends of the show have requested has been 100% made in Japan. Well... I'm sure all of them are available to us in dubbed form, which messes with the percents a bit... 70% made in Japan, at minimum. Whether we'll slip into being a full time anime podcast or branch out later will depend on what people want from us.

Whatever we wind up doing, our goal is to do our reviews on a weekly basis. I'm not sure whether we'll settle on Sunday or Monday for our release date. At the moment, our intent is to record on Saturdays, but with the holidays upon us, that will probably be disrupted... especially since two Saturdays from now is Christmas Eve, and the one after that is New Years Eve. If we can manage a recording on either of those days, I will eat my hat. And I have quite a selection of them at that. Whether this results in a delay of a few days in a double-post week, if we'll be able to record beforehand, or whether we'll just be outright delayed remains to be seen.

However, what I can post with confidence is the order of reviews. If everything goes well, we'll be through this by the start of February.

Episode 1: Baka and Test (Complete!)
Episode 2: Nanaka 6/17 (Requested by Hika Yagami)
Episode 3: Heat Guy J (Selected by Burkion)
Episode 4: Ponyo (Requested by Bree)
Episode 5: Hero Tales (Selected by Bobcat)

This is somewhat subject to change. As always, we take requests, and will gladly put them ahead of our own choices. So, say, we'll delay Hero Tales, but not Ponyo, since that was a request. If you have a request, please send that e-mail to darthbobcat@gmail.com, or put it in the comments below.

Good night and good luck.

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