Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Introduction

Hello, everyone out there in internet land.  My name is Bobcat.  While there is nothing here yet, I may as well explain what this show will be.

Like everyone and their mother on the internet, my friend Burkion and I are taking a stab at a review program.  Our format will be a podcast (a big surprise, given the title of this blog).  Now, what will we review?  Our targets will be varied and many; movies, tv shows, comic books, anime and manga, etc.   What ties this all together is our attitude in selecting media to review.  We will do our best to review things that we have no knowledge about prior to viewing them, so as to get as fresh an experience as we can.  What this probably means is that we'll mostly be reviewing fairly obscure titles. 

Now, does this mean we won't be reviewing any big names?  No, not at all.  This rule is very preliminary, and if we think it's too limiting, we'll expand our reach.  But to begin with, we're aiming for fresh experiences.

Once our targets are selected, we will each watch them on our own, then get together for the podcast with the following Five Point Review (hence the snazzy title, see?  It's all fitting together...)  This doesn't mean that we're reviewing everything on a five point scale; we won't be using a numerical rating at all.  Instead, there are five major items we will look at for any work of fiction we review.

1) First Impression: What did the work's reputation, DVD box and summary make us think?  What were we expecting going in?

2) Story: What is the work's premise?  Who is the main character (or characters) and what are they doing?  How effective is it?  What does or doesn't work?

3) Characters: What is the cast like?  Does the characterization work?  Are they compelling, funny, terrible, bland, etc? 

4) Presentation: If it's a comic book, how is the art?  If it's a movie, how are the direction, acting, music, special effects, fight choreography, etc?  If it's an animated program, what do we think of the animation, the voice acting, etc?  If it's a video game, is it fun, do the controls work, etc?

5) Final Thoughts: Taking a wider view, what do we think of the show?  Who do we think would like it?  Should you rush out and buy it, rent it, or wait for it to be available to stream on Netflix or a similar service? 

All of this is subject to change if we feel it's too restrictive.  However, that's our structure going forward.  If any potential viewers have any suggestions or requested reviews, please send them along to  Thanks for stopping by, and here's hoping we have some real content soon!

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